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Tamarac Construction has been delivering fabulous projects for over 10 years and can offer complex restorations, in house engineering, drafting and interior design services. We provide spectacular renovation, restoration and construction services. Kithcen and Bathroom restorations are one of our specialities.

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2 July 2015

We have a house in beautiful Petty Harbor with a million dollar view but the house was in need of a major rebuild with extensive repair work. This required us to either hire and manage a lot of people or hire the right contractor who we could trust, who had the experience to see what was really needed , quote us properly in detail and get the work done. Trust was a big thing, as we were not going to be home for 5 weeks while the major work was h...appening. The extensive work included; removing an old decaying extension, jacking up a sagging porch, taking down several structural walls to open up the place, install new structural beams, complete plumbing upgrade, all new windows to improve our view of Petty Harbor, new electrical, new sub floors and flooring, jacking the roof level and rebuilding the hand built roof rafter system, new ceilings, interior doors, structural reinforcing the basement support structure, rock blasting out a new driveway and well… a whole lot more. I had a divine intervention moment of bumping into Shawn Williams, owner of Tamarac Construction, while outside Home Hardware some time back and after not connecting for many years, he gave me his business card. There are so many things I could say about the Tamarac crew. In short, they transformed our home into something that is truly fantastic and we are looking forward to retiring there. Renovations are one of life's major stressors but having a company that has the ability to take on about any aspect of what one can face with an older home was really valuable. We would really recommend Shawn and his great team if you are looking to work with a company that knows what has to be done and delivers on what they say they can do. We now have a beautifully renovated house to match the beautiful view. Our sincere appreciation to the Tamarac Team.

Mike and Judy Dupuis

Petty Harbor



7 May 2015

This is the third time that Tamarac Construction done work for me. This time, they removed my unused living room fireplace  and the chimney through the second floor bedroom and the roof, and then finished the walls and ceilings where the removals occurred.  I had tried to block airflow in the chimney but the condensation on the inside of the bricks showed that heat loss had still been occurring.  The second floor outer wall was insulated but they found that the main floor outer wall was uninsulated, so they added new insulation downstairs greatly improving my energy efficiency.  My house was built in 1920 and the second floor ceiling was made up of wooden slats, so they crafted new wooden slats in their workshop to install over the gap left by the chimney and to perfectly match the original ceiling.  Each time it has been Todd and Jason that did the work and they are a good team.  They are professional, good humoured, do excellent work, keep the work area clean, take care to prevent any damage, and work safely.  Having a structural and construction background myself, I like to be at home during the renovations, but for a part that I missed they took pictures to show me how everything had been done.  Shawn (owner) is also very knowledgeable and has solutions for many house problems.  One inspector who reviewed their work said “Mam, you are not going to get anything better than that” and I have heard other positive comments from inspectors about Tamarac as well.  On top of all this they work quickly. 

Cynthia Coles

St. John's


April 2015

We had the misfortune of a flood in our basement apartment.  Tamarac were very quick to respond in the off hours and provided timely advice on how to deal with the situation for both personal and insurance purposes.  They provided a competitive quote and were flexible on its implementation.  The staff were pleasant and professional and all the work was completed to full satisfaction in a timely manner.  It was comforting to have someone whom you can trust to do this work in a stressful situation.  Tamarac  can get the job done.

George Power

St. John's

Testimonial – A Slice of Paradise

We live in a beautiful 37 year old Cape Cod style home that we built in the lovely rural neighborhood setting of Topsail Pond, Paradise.

We are now about to start our fourth renovation in two years with Shawn Williams and Tamarac Construction. That fact alone speaks volumes about our experience with Tamarac.

Our first project with Tamarac in 2013 was a fairly major redesign and upgrading of our entire 900 Sq. Ft. second floor. This included a beautiful new 4 piece ensuite and walk-in closet in our master bedroom, made possible by new a kick-out roof extension, and a smaller ensuite and new closet area in the second upstairs bedroom. The work included all new hardwood floors, new trims, new plumbing and electrical systems and some new windows. 

As with any renovation, as you start to open things up, challenges arise. To their credit, however, Shawn and his staff patiently worked through these issues with us until the work was completed and we were satisfied. The end result was a wonderful transformation.

Tamarac has since completed two smaller upgrade projects for us. They transformed a very basic built-in concrete garage into a rather nicely appointed workshop, and completely updated our 3 piece main floor bathroom. We were delighted with the end results in both cases.

We are now working on the details for another larger project that will consist of a first floor expansion to enlarge and completely redesign our kitchen and sunroom. Our previous experience with Shawn Williams and Tamarac gives us confidence that the outcome for this project will once again be spectacular.

Shawn Williams has a "let's-make-it-happen" attitude. In our dealings with him and his team, they've shown vision, honesty, integrity, consideration, and good listening skills, all excellent attributes in a home renovation contractor. Shawn's core trades-people are all highly skilled individuals and are a pleasure to work with.

Bob & Louise May

Topsail Pond, Paradise

"Shawn and his team at Tamarac Construction have done several renovations for my company and I've been very pleased with the outcomes of each. Shawn is friendly, professional and detail oriented. He gets the job done. In one instance, we had a section of drop ceiling collapse in a critical area of our business operations. One call to Shawn and he had people on site starting the repair in an hour or less"

 Brent Smith - Owner, Newfoundland Chocolate Company

After thirty five years in our family home,  we realized this summer past, that it was time for a major facelift and rejuvenation. Suffice it to say though, we both had some misgivings about embarking on such a project. After consulting with a friend who strongly recommended Tamarac Construction, we decided to take the first step and get Tamarac to give us an estimate. We were really impressed with Shawn’s thoroughness and the time he took to understand the things that were most important to us. He made a point of telling us not only what could be done but also what should be done to best enhance our home (for the kind of money we were prepared to spend). When we reached agreement on the scope of the project, he gave us a comprehensive, written estimate that became a great reference point for decisions      that arose as the work progressed. We were so comfortable with how things had progressed that within days we moved out and Shawn and his team moved in!

From the beginning, we felt really good about leaving our home in Tamarac’s hands, Todd and Jason key people on our "on  site" team were also fabulous. The quality of their workmanship, their reliability and their attention to detail was superb. They treated our home with every curtesy and respect, almost as if it were their own. Having them there on site from beginning to end, added greatly to our overall satisfaction. 

Because of the exceptional work performed by Tamarac Construction, our home is once again the house we house we fell in love with when we bought it thirty five years ago. We feel like we have a new home without having to go to all the trouble and expense of a move! Anyone looking for a company to carry out a first class renovation to their property would be well advised to give Tamarac a call. We are certainly delighted that we did!

 Julie and Peter Bettney – Mt. Pearl


"We were looking to do an update to our house and heard about Tamarac Construction from a flyer placed on my windshield. Shawn provided a lot of knowledge and worked with us to discuss options, ideas and what we could complete with the budget we needed to work with. Shawn and his team were fabulous to work with through the whole project and made sure all the details were looked. Our new kitchen and bathroom look great and we are so glad we chose Tamarac. We would recommend them to anyone!!!"

Susan Wells

 "The Story: As I helped my elderly parents move from their bungalow on a quiet cul-de-sac to more appropriate senior- living accommodations, I realized that I did not want to put the house on the market. My family memories along with my love of the layout of the house and the natural light flow motivated me to buy the house. 

The Challenge: The house needed extensive work and we had no idea where to find the personnel to do the job. We were also concerned about the cost of the necessary work and so needed to find a real professional to guide us through the process. 

Well, like many we had never tackled something like this and there was a lot of anxiety as we tried to decide what to do. There are so many horror stories out there about contractors who don't fulfill their end of the bargain. In our search to find a contractor with integrity who would guide us through this project in an honest and practical way we learned about Tamarac Construction. As luck would have it, we were able to check Tamarac out with a friend who spoke highly of the owner. 

We were lucky to work with Shawn and his great team at Tamarac Construction. 

Tamarac basically did 100% rework of the entire house, installing new electrical, reinsulating, a heat pump, heat recovery unit, siding, plumbing, a new deck and even supplied our new fabulous kitchen. 

We really received a lot of solid, valuable advice and guidance throughout the process. The crew were fabulous to deal with and knew how to manage their way around the usual renovation obstacles and delivered us an exceptional finished product. Our new home is gorgeous…. So beautifully finished with great attention to detail. Tamarac is proud of their work and strives to ensure that their customers are happy. 

It was actually fun; we learned so much….. 

We would highly recommend the Tamarac team to anyone that is about to embark on a large renovation project. "

Heather House-Walters and Barry Walters Home Owners St.John's 

"This project right on the City's waterfront wasn't something that any contractor would tackle. Working with the Tamarac Construction crew and Shawn from the start was a tremendous experience. Shawn dealt with city officials with drawings and information to ensure a quick start. He provided an accurate quote that only changed with some extras I wanted and some changes that needed to be made. The odd problem was solved with ingenuity and good humour!

The crew that worked on my project were professional, respected my home and made sure that I always had safe access to my house.

To quote a friend: "Dealing with Tamarac is like riding on a bus to a vacation destination, confident that you are going to arrive exactly where you want to, you feel safe along the way and you are being looked after by professionals that know exactly what they are doing!"

I would recommend them for any project you are doing."

Angela Drake - St. John's

"The project started when Tamarac Construction was recommended to me to take over a 2000 sq. ft. home extensions I was doing that had gone way off the rails. The project was fairly involved as it also required structural rework of the existing home and attachments. Tamarac brought forward many great ideas throughout the project, the best perhaps being how to hide a structural bulkhead that was going to be clearly in view in my great room. 

The work evolved into doing a considerable renovation to the existing section of my home and many other details that really created a fabulous living space. We decided to continue and upgrade the entire older section of the house as well. The Team was great to deal with in every way, delivered exceptional product and I recommend them to anyone…."

Steve Wedgwood
Director of Business Development
Wedgwood Insurance

"The project started with some ideas I had to renovate my kitchen area to accommodate a new cabinet installation and with great suggestions (detailed drawings were even provided) the project progressed to a fabulous reworking of the whole area, a new laundry room in the basement and much needed repairs to the structure and upgrades throughout…the Tamarac team were fabulous, easy to work with, very professional, and delivered excellent finish work within the budget…..
Shawn and his team paid very close and attention to detail and consulted throughout the entire project to ensure complete satisfaction." 

Kara Bourgeois
Home Owner - St. John's

"As the owners of Winterholme since 1979, (and in my case being involved in architectural design and construction since 1956),  we have gone through several periods of change.., from an apartment building, when we purchased it, to a twelve room Heritage Inn to our current operation.., Winterholme Suites and Spa.
In the past we have always managed to do our own renovations as time usually permitted it. However the latest expansion of our Spa Operation, from two rooms to five plus a total makeover of the nearly 3000 square feet of existing space required a first class professional contractor as we need the work to be not only top quality, but more importantly, because we did not want to be out of business for an extended period, the work had to be completed in less than a month.., a virtual impossible task.

Having worked with Shawn on a previous project I ‘felt’ that his co-operative approach to his work was just what we needed so we gave him the plan and specifications and he took over. 
For 30 days with four highly skilled, courteous and professional workers, working 12 hour days, six sometimes seven days a week, they completed our project on time and below our budget..., what more can you ask for?
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tamarac Construction for either a renovation or a new project, especially where it has time lines and construction challenges.
An excellent job very well done... Thanks Tamarac." 

Dick & Lisa Cook
Winterholme Suites & Spa (709)739-7979

"The project involved the complete rebuilding and restoration of our 3 story, 3000 sq. ft. office space and rental building, circa 1910 in downtown St. John's that received extensive fire and water damage. Every area of the building, inside and out, and all the electrical, mechanical and structural systems were part of the project. A complete strip out was required to bring the building up to the latest codes and standards. We even separated the building into a two apartment during the project. The Tamarac Team gave us drawings, dealt with the inspectors, engineers, and did a fabulous job during the whole complex process. Cannot say enough good things about everything they did for us……..Great Great work Tamarac!"

Bill and Carolynn Browne
Wm. Brown Denturist Clinic

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